Monday, 31 May 2010

David Cameron writes in support of Home Education freedom

This is David Cameron's letter regarding Home Education in the UK:

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  1. The efforts of those who see Home Schooling as a threat to the government monopoly on forming the souls and minds of the youth are not limited to England. The struggle for education freedom is being waged in many places in Europe.

    The following presentation in power-point, which has been uploaded online (but with some loss of the imagery) goes into depth concerning this struggle, the persecution of Home Schoolers and the need for making Home Schooling legal in Greece:

    You need to click on the images to go to the next slide.

    It is in three parts:

    1. Situation in the Schools in Greece
    2. Home Schooling - history, practice, etc.
    3. The war for the minds of the youth in Europe
    4. How can Home Schooling become legal in Greece - why is it important for the future of the people of Greece.

    This presentation is from the viewpiont of one in the Orthodox Church. Due to its comprehensiveness it is very informative for everyone interested in seeing Home Schooling legal in Greece.