Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Second Meeting on Homeschooling - Details

The meeting will take place at 99 Othonos St., Kifissia
on Saturday, May 29th, at 5.30pm
It is the office of Athena Sotiropoulou and Matthias Wager and is on the 2nd floor. The office is oposite Plaisio on Othonos street and next to Gourounakia, a souvlaki taverna. It is 2 min walking distance from the train station of Kifissia. You can call Athena Sotiropoulou on 210 8085211 (you can leave a message on the answering machine) or email chloegreen8-edu@yahoo.com for details.

We look forward to seeing you there.


  1. Hello! I am so happy to have found your blog. I am an American married to a Greek. I would like to ask you some questions re homeschooling in Greece.... could I do it via e-mail? Please let me know where I should direct my questions. Thanks so much for your time!


  2. Dear Jennifer,

    I am sure that the host will answer your question via email.

    However, perhaps this presentation can help, too. Even though I posted this in another comment, I am doing so again, because I think it will help you see the bigger picture - of what is happening all over Europe.

    The efforts of those who see Home Schooling as a threat to the government monopoly on forming the souls and minds of the youth are not limited to England. The struggle for education freedom is being waged in many places in Europe.

    The following presentation in power-point, which has been uploaded online (but with some loss of the imagery) goes into depth concerning this struggle, the persecution of Home Schoolers and the need for making Home Schooling legal in Greece:


    You need to click on the images to go to the next slide.

    It is in three parts:

    1. Situation in the Schools in Greece
    2. Home Schooling - history, practice, etc.
    3. The war for the minds of the youth in Europe
    4. How can Home Schooling become legal in Greece - why is it important for the future of the people of Greece.

    This presentation is from the viewpiont of one in the Orthodox Church. Due to its comprehensiveness it is very informative for everyone interested in seeing Home Schooling legal in Greece.

    Making Homeschooling legal in Greece may take some time and much effort. But, until then, all those who have a "window" to do it - like yourself (as an American), should do it and, in the meantime, help others learn about it and see it in action. We all hope that soon another legal "window" will be opened for those Greeks who need and want to home educate.

    Much of this material must have been taken from English sources - namely the HSDLA site, which is quite comprehensive vis-a-vis the history and practice of homeschooling.

  3. Thank you for posting the presentation. I look forward to watching it with my husband as soon as we have time to sit down with the computer. (We are leaving for a visit to America today!)

    As I'm sure many questions will be answered in the presentation, I will wait to continue the discussion until I have seen it!

    In the meantime, has anyone read anything by John Taylor Gatto? I recently finished reading The Underground History of American Education, in which he traces the development of compulsory schooling. Although he is writing about America, I think the book is pertinent for those in Europe as well. The book can be found online in its entirety here:


    Thanks again for your response.

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    You can contact me on the following address:

  5. John Taylor Gatto is a good source for independent and penetrating analysis of the school system today.

    If one does not understand the roots and purpose of forced or obligatory schooling (by the State), he will find it difficult to see why Homeschooling is both so necessary and also so liberating.

    The history for compulsory schooling is analyzed in the presentation mentioned above. The roots are found in the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century and the Bavarian military state of the 18th century.

  6. Thank you for the presentation! I finally managed to read all of it; as you said, it was very informative.

    I think I will try to get in touch via email now, as I have lots more questions.